Building a folding farm.

A gentleman on has posted looking for advice on building a folding farm. He has family that has perished from Huntingtons disease and is looking to make a major contribution to folding@home. If anyone has advice on building a folding farm I would ask that you visit:

Please give any advice that you can, post links etc. Its not always about points… real people need help too.

Thanks for your time.

Folding runs really well on LTSP setups, i think the walkthrough that dt did is enough to get anyone interested in the right direction, with a bit more research and a few questions on here i’m sure he could do it.

As for best hardware, i’m not sure… i don’t think duel setups can be made to work on ltsp, afaik even the major runs a seperate distro on each duel machine ? DT, mortlake and i all run LTSP farms and with folding they are extreamly stable…

With Peige - LTSP for a farm is really the best option. There are ways to compile so that you can use dual core clients now as well, and 64bit seems to fly. I’ll see if I can remember my password for the forums.