@ Bursley

Please hurry and overtake me becuase I have no one to stomp :slight_smile:


:chuckle: so the :Plot: is going wl then Wallis :smiley:


I’m doing the best I can here…

You had the 5th highest RAC in the world last tme I checked Burlsey! :thumbsup:

With you crunchin at the rate you are and Wallis reving things up… TPR should make some waves :driving:

Yeah…I hope it’s enough. Those pesky mutts have a pretty high RAC lately. I’m hoping they were just sitting on a bunch of units. At any rate it would be really good to see more classic guys switching over to BOINC SETI very soon.

Looks like I slid by MAOJC and I’m now #14 in the Premier League. :stomp:

MAOJC, come on man! You can’t just stand by and watch this. Switch to SETI BOINC and give me a proper beating!!! :moon: :chuckle:

We’re commin’ for Mortlake next! :driving: :wasted:

Hush dont wake them up if they sleep long anough i might even pass them up with my 2 oops now 3 computers :slight_smile:

hehehe yah i know i can aways Dream though :slight_smile:

Every little counts :slight_smile:

I aint finished yet :-), when Burley gets here, I wont be :slight_smile:

At least take the time to spell my name right before walking all over me…

How do you know it wasn’t a freudian slip ?

You know, after I posted, I thought that :wink:

A different Freudian Slip than the one in the thread’s title, eh? :chuckle:

:wasted: :wasted: :wasted:

Well spotted, maybe I should change my name :frowning:

So Burlsie are you going to Join Team Fat Bastard ?

Yes, do I have to do anything to join?

Basically do a post saying you want to join and the Balrog(i think) will sort it

Join VT Python and we’ll spell your name right for sure “Burlsey”, right guys? :smiley: