Cable router

for those on virginmedia can anyone recommend a decent router/firewall/wireless system thats cheap but efective as back on line but need the protection one can give.

thanks in advance!

I have an old Linksys on my ntl connection, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It seems to crash if there’s too much going on e.g. more than a few torrents. On ADSL I have a DrayTek 2800 series which is an ADSL modem with router. Their 2100 series seems to be same without ADSL, so worth looking at. Seems reliable enough and far more features to tinker with as needed.

re the router crashing with lots of things going on, my experience seems to show that it’s actually the cable modem that goes, not the router. Well at least mine does :frowning: Too many concurrent connections and the cable modem resets. means a fair amount of patience is required when downloading, and a lot of fiddling about to find the optimum settings for torrents in order to seed the linux distros like I tend to. Also tends to reset if I set the MSDN download thingy to download more than 2 :confused:

I’ve got a netgear RP114 that I’ve been very happy with since having, simple web interface that does (just about) what I need, and a nice parental controls bit as well. Logs all web traffic which I really like having two small ones. Doesn’t have the very latest in firewall stuff though, only NAT and a very basic firewall that is pretty easy to get through if you know how :frowning:

The people I know with Drayteck kit are all well sorted in my opinion, I do support for a couple of businesses with them and they are simply awesome pieces of kit, in my experience.


In my case, I know it’s the Linksys router. The red Diag light comes on and it does nothing until I reset it. The CM I haven’t had to reboot since forever. My Linksys might be the same or similar model to mojo’s, particularly at the last meet that seemed to go over similarly too.

Using a Linksys WRT54G here on our connection and it seems top notch.

Not sure how it is for firewall’s really but I do have to port forward all the ports I need for certain programs because it does block them. Mind I do have uPnP offf and I guess that would sort things out but I don’t want it on.

Wireless is very good. I was doubtful of getting wireless as I didn’t like it when we had it at home (BT broadband and Belkin router…speed was awful, connection dropping etc) but wireless here on the Linksys is fantastic. I can get signal on the top floor of the house no problems whatsoever (3 storey house).
It’s even fast enough to play LAN games over with no dropouts, connection issues etc. Next year, I’ll be setting up a complete wireless network I thing. Or at least a wireless and look into LAN through plugs.