I need some assistance please… this is for a good cause… or shall i say for a good laugh…

i am asking for assistance with crunching for a week or so… if everyone can crunch seti boinc in scottishbirds acoount for like a week you will help the cause…
the reason you ask…

Well scottishbird and Gizmo have a little bet on…
if scottishbird stomps gizmo then he has to strip in cam down to his smalls :p.

with a dance as well.
so if anyone can help this worthy cause please reply below …

also gizmo keeps saying that scottishbird will never beat him… hence the help from you guys… if helen can stomp him from division 4 to the top of division 3 in just a week he will be wishing he never said anything…

please help this worthy cause by helping us stomp the hell out of gizmo.

please this is not a joke… i am actually asking for this assistance for 1 week.
but to make it worth while i need a fair ammount of people crunching…
thank you

:eek: :eek: :scared:


On the one hand i want to help, on the other… i’m thinking about what happens if gizmo looses :eek:

definately erring on the side of helping Gizmo, the thought of Gizmo in his smalls :puke: :puke:

A bit one sided though don’t you think :devil: :devil: :wink: :chuckle: :deal:


Indeed I think as DT said, this posts wants me to crunch for Gizmo :stuck_out_tongue:

NOOOOO this isnt working at all… your ment to be helping catch him.
whats it worth DT…?
money?.. ill pay i will!.
name your price as long as it isnt over a quid…:D.
or a pint.
lol please!


I thought it was Helen we were helping :chuckle:

yes helen :stuck_out_tongue:

It is me you are trying to help me and my pooter cant stomp him and he did make a bet and coz i was getting closer to him he paniked and set his pc again lol

PLEASE HELP ME dont want him saying told you so now :frowning:

I’m REALLY starting to worry now after Andy’s last comment :scared:

indeed, i’m not sure who it is who wants to see you in your smalls :eek:

for a pint at mojos ull have a duron 800 24/7 :wink: let me know :slight_smile:

me thinks I could go to mojos and live off the pints im owed :stuck_out_tongue:

theres Drezha and hidds :open_mouth: wana make it three andy ?


I dont want to see the video !!

TBH i dont think getting gizmo to do this will be a good idea after all as the reprocussions for me are too civere.
in the sense i will loose all my ships in EVE also i think he will stop speaking to me :stuck_out_tongue:
so evrybody deals off.
i cant bare to have gizmo strip on cam for my GF’s benifit… it just seems far too strange.

I owe you a pint?:confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking the same :lol:

You’ll need to refresh my memory bin :stuck_out_tongue:

ahem…think drezha maybe cos of office ? :confused: and hidds guess the childrens deco on yer room :wink:

an indeed Office :nod:

Ahhhh you’ve got a better memory than me then :lol: I blame it on old age :wolram: :stuck_out_tongue:

You tight git, do you keep a list or something… are you saving up enough before you come to mojos again :chuckle:

/me remembers the disks he gave with the graphics card he sold binlala and wonders how many pints he should claim :wink:


Please do not drink from binlala as he is only 75% water and he may shrivle up and die!