Can people login?

If you logout, can you log back in? Or is @Hids just bugging me for no reason?

Post in the FB group if you can or here to show her that it works!

(I’ve logged out and back in a dozen times or so, could be different though as I have to use multi-factor)


it’s just you @Hids

new account, registered, activated, logged out, logged in, logged out, logged in, posted to annoy you.

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Bite me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Even on my phone in a pub with 2 factor on as well


@Hids the most recent theory has just been proved wrong using this account :frowning:

Not only is this a new install, new browser - it’s a Mac as well which are notoriously tricky!

Lets me log in on new phone through gmail browser :woman_shrugging:

All sorted :grin: Thanks DT :+1:

Glad it’s sorted, but anyway, been a bit since I posted. How is everyone?

:lol: a while …

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Scream — their last post was 2 years ago.

All good - you need to make it to the next LAN event for sure. Much changed in your world/realm? Still destroying moons with deathstars?


Hey Scream, good to see you :+1: Hope all is well?

oh, I’ve been here more often than not, keeping an eye on things.

Space Pioneers died so had to move on to other things.
Currently battling my addiction to Lords mobile for my sins.

The last 2 Lan events have clashed either with shit going on at work, or family stuff, but yes must try and make it one weekend. :slight_smile:

Next date about to be announced in Cantina, Scream :wink:

My avatar has revved up and gone forth… ???

Looks fine to me.
What was the problem again ?

Have you tried turning it off then turning it on again ?

http not automatically diverting to https but the master bitch has sorted it :biggrin:

Hids using a link from Google to attempt to login …

OMG 1st time i’ve manged to log in from work :crazy_face: woohooooooooo

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