Can you help me?

Hello All,

Tomorrow I’m giving a presentation on distributed computing to some of my fellow computer science student’s. Hopefully i’ll be able to pimp some of them to the team. If you have got a bit of spare time I would appreciate any interesting statistics or links you have to use in my presentation. Also is everybody mostly crunching seti still or have the other projects tempted you away?

Any help appreciated,


I’m crunching simap now, with a bit of folding and rossetta thrown in now and then. TBH the only stats i really look at are the daily reports on here and the ones on the simap etc main pages.
Think the best person to help you would be DT, Curly or one of the news hounds.

I would say to look at the actual project sites as most of them list the number of users they have. A good one would be the BBC project in collaboration with the ClimatePrediction project.

A bit short notice to come up with anything else, you may want to have some pictures of the lengths some nutters go to in order to help :wink:


thanks guys, i think i have plenty to go with from the project sites and the stickys on here. It’s only a 10 min presentation, i can probably BS that long.

Worthwhile throwing in the mechanics of it as well

I.e. How data is collected, distributed, processed and returned
to show how computers in there masses gain an advantage over
a single super computer.

As additional material to anything presented on the Science side
of things.

Adds that extra something :wink: