can't believe the government

>>Following the Governments freedom of information act you can now get
>>access to speed camera offences registered in the last 12 months.
>>Did you know that every time your car goes past a speed camera, even
>>1mph over the set limit it is registered and put on a database? You only
>>get a ticket if you are way over the limit or, (this is the bit that we
>>didn’t know) if you receive over 20 near misses, you will be classed as
>>a serial offender and get a ticket the next time you go just over the
>>limit. This is why you hear of people being done for 34mph in a 30 limit
>>area whilst others doing 39 do not. You can check what has been
>>registered against your vehicle at the following address;
>> You will be asked for a password but just click on the need a password
>>link and you will be given one for future use. If there is any data on
>>your vehicle, just click on the camera window to see a copy of the
>>photograph. This is a MUST SEE web site.

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<!–This is a fake program that is not intended to harm anyone (c) Paul Suggitt 2003–>

Entered the info from Mojo’s new ride.

.Vehicle H19MJO has recent speed offences registered Picture Available

County Cleveland
Town Middlesbrough
Road A19
Location Thornaby A66 Carriageway
Grid Ref. NZ446526
Speed Limit 70mph
Camera Ref. 318
Date of Offence June 14, 2006
Speed Recorded 81.2mph


Got a nice laugh out of the picture that popped up from the picture available link.

toad! :wink:

Wellllllll, funny you should mention it but how would you react to knowing the DVLA made £6,500,000 last year from selling drivers address details ?

No, this ones not a joke

yup heard something about that a little while back