Car Insurance Question

Is it legal for two people to be insured on the same car with their own policies and with different companies?

Im going to be using my g/f’s car to learn on and eventually buy it from her when she can get a new one so I dont want on be on her policy as she’ll be transferring it to a new car.

Can anyone help?

I do not see why not. You do not have to own the car to be insured to drive it, you simply need the owners permission to drive it.

It would probably be cheaper for you to be a named driver on her policy, though. Presumeably you want to start building that all important NCD?

i dont think you can have 2 premiums on the same car, if you had a claim, then they could essentially pay out twice for the same accident???

It’s called Double Indemnity.

Although not illegal in the UK (as I understand it), it is frowned on by the insurance companies, because it suggests illicit activities regarding the ownership of the car. Indeed it may invalidate the policy…read the small print very carefully.

That aside, the real trouble I think you would have is if you had a claim. The two insurance companies would fight eachother tooth and nail not to pay up. For that reason, if you declare it to be double indemnity (and it does not invalidate the policy) the insurance companies may not wish to take you on anyway. Then again, if you don’t declare it and they trace it through the national database…well they might argue that you had not declared a material fact.

Another thing to think about: the majority of your premium is made from 3rd-party risks. If you and your g/f have a policy each, you are paying (heavily, I might guess) twice for the same risk.

The best option would be to be a named driver on your g/f’s policy. Then you can drive it completely above board and as Alta suggests build up your NCD.

Well… AFAIK in Canada you cant have two “primary” drivers on the same vehicle, and “secondary” drivers dont usually raise the premium too much (if at all). When I had to re-aquire my license I was a “secondary” driver on her policy and I didnt actually have my own policy.

Thats in Canada… dont know if it will help :wink:

as a named driver you do not build up no claims bonus, unless with direct line, the named driver builds up a no claims bonus but only with direct line.
they were quite reasonable for me on my own but it was cheaper to be insured as a named driver, me as a main driver with another young person with no claims almost doubled the quote tho, having my dad on my insurance as a named driver also quite surprisingly put my premium up i could only assume that is because of points on his licence.most companies tell you a more experienced second driver will reduce premiums ??
not sure on the two policies but always shop around, its a minefield and one you dont really want to get wrong