Cardiff dipping out on fuel prices

Gits. :frowning:

U sound surprised.

Didnt you get the invoice for the memo about rip-off Britain?


I think the US price is way off. Considering the quidy things are about $2 now and there are about 3.8 liters per US gallon they are about 35p a liter here now.

Todays AZ price at the local station for 87 octane was $2.25 a gallon! :eek:

i’d kill for paying $2.25 a gallon 83-84p a liter arounds these here parts or…
5.80376 USD gallon (3.153 uk Pounds)

Yeah but 87 octane should only be used in rented cars even then it will run like a crock of poop and annoy you.

Can you have a check on the airmail costs for a 50 Gallon drum of 100 Octane please ?

. . . . Wonders what can be described as “A gift”

No 100 octane pump gas available, 91 is tops at the pump @ about $2.60 a gallon and even that has MTBE or ethanol added for polution purposes, 103 is available as racing fuel at about $4 a gallon

It’s great to live in a place where they don’t have to add MTBE or Ethanol to the gas. Although, at every pump, there is one that has a 10% blend of Ethanol. Around here, the octane runs from a low of 87 to a high of 92(our lab does the random octane testing). This morning, I noticed the price just dropped $0.10/gal to $1.99/gal.

Makes me glad that I have a diesel pickup. Diesel is running from $1.69-$1.79/gal. And, I can get 19-20 mpg on the highway with something that weighs just over 7,000 lbs. Hook the camper up, and it’s a different story. About 10 mpg with the camper.

The german prices shown are around 10p to low too, so we are not far from the british gas prices :frowning:

Just read that opec oil producers are upping production from 1st july by 2million barrels a day and will maybe increase that another 500,000 at the start of august. Also read that gov ‘may’ not increase fuel tax by 1.92p per ltr that is planned for sept.


I know there is still a protest going ahead here tomorrow.