chip and mobo problems.

my board is…an asus K7VM2 Via chipset.

core speed…1244.05mhz.
multiplyer x12.5
bus speed 99.5mhz
rated FSB 199.1mhz

Any ideas on how i can get it to its optimal speed?
tried the bios by changing it from 100mhz to 120mhz put the chip to
1.9ghz but im no good with that stuff i may end up frying it.

info on the chip is Xp athlon codename. barton…

i love CPUZ :slight_smile:

Also to add the chip is sitting nicelyat 42DegC but i need to reseat that some fresh compound…
so could go alot cooler.

K7vm2 shows it to be an asrock motherboard (google search) I found the manual and you need to set a jumper near the battery to change the fsb to 133 heres a link to the Manual you will need Adobe acrobat reader installed as it is a pdf file.


thanks curly ill give it a go :slight_smile:

I won’t post what I was going to post as Curly beat me anyway to the fact its not an Asus.

The board in question is not designed for the Barton 2800 as you do not have the 166 base frequency.

So in essance your going to have to overclock the board anyway to get the default core speed.

You can do that in bios anyway I think I saw it say you got the option to go upto 200mhz anyway on the FSB.

When you bootup the PC after resetting the jumper its going to boot at 133 * 12.5 giving 1.66Ghz still short of the normal you will then need to change the FSB speed in the bios to 166mhz to get the speed to its normal.

However it may not be that simple as your ram speed settings might want to run at an elevated speed as well, so double check the options for that, though looking at the manual you maybe ok because it looks rather basic in options.

i was just about to post that its now showing as a 2.2 but running 1.6
so yeh ur right.
CPUZ showed it as an asus…
i could change it to go its normal speed but seeing as its running ok the way it is i may just leave it.
thanks for the help.

Prob will as Asrock = cheap Asus

So it is in a way but not :chuckle:

hmmone more Q is 64DegC idle normal?

/Edit… the CPU speed it going up by its self!..
from 1.6 now at 1.8…
:S…temp at this time 65 Deg C…/me opens Window…

I think temps were alway’s read high on those types of boards

But… Select advanced tab and go to system hardware monitor
and see what the core voltage is.

As stressed before the board is not for the Barton 2800 and therefore
you maybe supplying a higher voltage that it should be because it see’s
it as being a lower speed part that may use a higher voltage.

The correct voltage is 1.65v for that Chip.

according to CPU Z and the bios 1.632v
so its ok then from what ur saying.
ill resit it tomorrow with fresh gel…
and that should sort it.

Is this speed being read with CPU-Z ?

If you reseat the heatsink give it a going over with the hover to remove any dust and stuff from between the fins.

remember you only need a 2mm / 3mm pea size drop of thermal paste in the center of the

The pressure of the heatsink will thin it out as required.


very simple speed monitor see if it reports it more stable.

yeh thatsshowing what cpuz is showing…