i have a question.what makes chocolate so delish :confused:
oh and i think that white chocolate is the best!
i don’t like dark chocolate
i hope someone out there knows!!or i’ll beat myself up!:wall:

probably cos its so bad for you, i always find that good stuff tastes bad and bad stuff tastes good

can’t argue with that!

The fact the choclate particles are exactly the right size…

:slight_smile: The fact that we did this about 5 days ago in a lecture means yes…it seems odd…fire and explosion engineer student learning why choclate tastes good but it had a point…

As did why ice cream is so good…also due to the size of the ice crystals…

Something to do with the cocco butter or whatever it is, the smell of coccy is men’t
to be the thing that gives you the feel good factor.

OMG - I did a whole paper on this when at uni, taste, taste recepticals and chemicals in food that give you a natural boost.

If only I could remember the name of the important ones in chocolate :lol:


There is something in chocolate which gives you a similar expereince to having sex.

Plain chocolate is the best. 85% cocoa = very yummy. Plain chocolate is an acquired taste because it comes across as bitter as our palate is accustomed to ‘sweet’ milk/white chocolate. As you get older you acquire a taste for the finer things in life.

I’d always heard that it releases a whole load of Endorphins, which are chemicals that make you feel happy. I think this is what Alta was saying about the sex thing - Endorphins are also released then.

Phenyalinine I think it’s called. Also chocolate melts exactly at body temperature, which gives you a wonderful sensation in your mouth or other parts of your bod :devil: :smiley:

The fact is choclate is the beans mushed and the fat taken out, and then the remains are crushed and added back to the fat pretty much and thats chocolate! Odd…but true.

Sugar is added…

but why is it american chocolate taste’s like washing up powder?! Heresy’s is really bad compared to Cadbury’s :smiley:

hmmmmmmmm…other parts you say… :rolleyes: