Choice of dates for next Mojo's meet

Cast your vote please on what weekend suits you best for next Mojo’s meet :slight_smile: You can make multiple choices allowing you to choose all if like me, no matter what you will be there :smiley:

Poll is open for 2 weeks, then whatever majority votes will be date :slight_smile:

28-30 is good for me, the others are a bit shakey.
Wedding aniversary on one, work on the other.

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


We’ve got stuff on the first two dates and will be wanting a weekend off on the date we are free - but we shall see :slight_smile:

Would say I can probably make the last two dates on the list because I get back home sometime around the 10th July…gives me a weekend at least with the family etc etc.

And it’s likely to depend on whether I get a summer job…

All those dates are a definite no for me. I’ll be working all summer from the around the 10 June when I get home until, mid Sep, just to pay for uni next year.

. . . . . Wonders if it would be considered unethical to vote . . . . .

not at all and good to see you back :wink:

I think it would be unethical if you didn’t vote!!!

I on the other hand don’t have the cash to make that trip across the big pond, so will not be voting. I could pick a date, but it just seems morally wrong to do that.

Unfotunatly all 3 dates are a big no for me :frowning:

Just have to look forward to the one after that, have fun all that can make it.

Ahh but if I’m not mistaken you’ll have something a bit more important happening round about those days Dr Z :wink:

Last date is best (brat free) but can do all 3 at a guess.

ooooh, a regulars birthday on the last weekend…

Depending on my wrist I ‘should’ be able to make any of them :slight_smile:

Has to be the 28th-30th as the wife will be free from work and can off-load the kids onto her.

28th - 30th looks the best option for me :slight_smile:
3 new contracts starting which deffo cuts me dead from anything prior to that date :frowning:

None unfortunately… working at some point during all 3 weekends…:frowning:


Just re read this and saw it says JULY… :lol:

In which case I can make any…except maybe the last one because I was thinking of moving into my new house in Leeds on the 25th (earliest day possible) BUT if Mojo’s is on I may have to stay at home and drive up from Devon :smiley:

I canne do the last weekend sir I just canne do it…

Tis my birthday ya see and theres plans :slight_smile:

but I think you should all buy me some drinks and send them to me :wink: ( yes that would be best :p)

the other weekends im fine with tho :slight_smile:

More important than going to Mojo’s ??? you cant be serious :eek: (must make sure vicki doesnt read this)

The first date ‘is’ avaliable but i dont think it would go down to well if i said i was going the week before and leaving her to sort all the last minute things :smiley:

Some how I think you would be attending your own wedding with a couple of black eyes :chuckle:

We could make it one hell of a stag party though :wink: