Choice of dates for next Mojo's meet

That it would be :eek:

voted for the 14th , your stag do and my birthday… hell of a piss up :wink:

And Damski’s birthday I believe :lol:

Mines right between the 2nd two dates.

schhhh woman… mines the 13th but hey…

Your birthday is the same day as Dezy’s :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, but guess who’s older :wink:

The first date ‘is’ avaliable but i dont think it would go down to well if i said i was going the week before and leaving her to sort all the last minute things

tell her its your ‘other’ stag party, believe me when i say you will both be hating each others opinions that close to the day, so she will probably appreciate you getting out from underfoot! :wink:

:eek: Jesus you must of had one hard paper round ! :eek: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess I’ll go start the attendees thread :smiley:

28th-30th it is then :slight_smile: In the book

Did you book rain for the front field so you can demonstrate Elmo and possibly Oscar but get a side order of unbroken sunshine for the beer garden while you were there ?

Does anybody play “Aunt Sally” up in Shropshire ?