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Cisco VPN client won’t run under Win 7 64bit or Vitual XP mode

I have not looked but do I need Cisco to access a system running a Cisco gateway ?

Got the Cisco VPN on my laptop which is XP Home and no issue can access work remotely.

However when at home I rather use my main rig than the netbook.

Anyone hit this issue and have any ideas ?

Ta muchly

Paul - Hey…ok Cisco is always behind on VPN 64 stuff. You could try Vista 32 Client, and make sure you have it set to 32 Bit but from what I gather it is very unstable and BSOD often. Hate to say XP and VPN looks to be only way.

Think your right m8y

Looked at some other stuff and downloaded something off Sourceforge but its not working right connects but won’t make the routing links.

I’ll have to get the ladders out the garage and venture into the box of spare’s… Get a spare Monitor cable and have the netbook as a 2nd input to the screen easiest option for what should be a once in a blue moon senerio.

Agreed - we played with Vista 64, and had it has serious stability issues, as does Win7 64 - never got it to work at all. The Win7 32 works as well as the XP version. Per my guys Cisco is aware and is working on the issue, if we get a beta to play with, I’ll share the results.


sorted using…

they have a 64bit VPN client… I just import the Cisco PCF file and jobs a good un. :slight_smile:

I got your problem, thing Cisco VPN is virtual private network
The Blackjack runs Windows Mobile 5 Smart phone edition or Windows Mobile 6 Standard. Both of these are very limited versions of the Windows Mobile operating system. I doubt that Cisco is even inclined to make a VPN client for these versions. Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC and Windows Mobile 6 Professional are much more likely candidates for the VPN client. Unfortunately, even if Cisco makes a VPN client for these operating systems the Blackjack cannot run them. Sorry.

Good luck

[QUOTE=PMM;449006]sorted using…

they have a 64bit VPN client… I just import the Cisco PCF file and jobs a good un. :)[/QUOTE]

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