you know that when 1 thing happens to me, 2 things or more happens as well, wel when eva i do something which envlolves movent of graphics only gamig realy, i get this noticalbly clicking noise, so i opend my case and suprisinly its not coming from my hdd, its coming from eiather the cpu or the gfx card, it siunds like its more coming from the gfx card.

anyone have any suggestions why, this card again is onky 3 months old si can still return it if i want to, do u think this is a need to do this or is it normal?

im not entirely suure its comign from my gfx card but the other option is my cpu.

any suggestions on what it is and how i should sort it out?

many thanks

Put you finger dead center on the flat of the fan when its spinning
stop the fan briefly and see if the clicking stops.

Not uncommon for the fan to make clicking noise’s if poor build quality or
failing bearings.

no it cant be that becasue it only doese it when playing games or when i run aquarmark 3 it also doese it

It can because the fans can be varible speed, when the GPU is worked hard it can be the
case as the core temp is high the fan speed is increased to cool it down causing
more vibration also increased heat could alo be increasing the temp of the fan
as well to the point it starts acting up.

Spetzdude, PMM has given you some advice which youasked for. So why dismiss someones advice out of hand when you obviously have no idea of the problem, which is why you have asked?

actuly Preecy i did take his advise, and i did try it, but that had no effect, i was going to thank PMM for the advice buti have been out, and i wasent dismising him atall, its been PMM here that has helped me the most in this whole form, so thanks for the advice PMM, but no its not the Fan as i have tryed stopping it and slowing it down, i supose another possiblity is that its coming from the motherboad?

anyone agree or not?

do you have a fan at the rear of the case ?? … maybe that is clicking ??

yes i do, but, i have tryed that as well, plus its a brand new fan, yea it never ocourd to me that it could be the fans, but in this case i dont think thats the case here, becasue i have tryed stoping all the fans in my case apart from my heat sink 1, and i no its not that becasue it did it with my other heat sink in there which i have swapped over today.

thanks for the suggestions, any more would be grate

When you tried the fans with your finger, was the case in its usual position or laid on its side ??

just thinking it might be a loose cable tie or wire hanging down and catching ??

Its going to be something very simple end of day, cannot see it as being a hardware
failure as such because if it was electrical your whole system would have gone tits

I’d still put money on it being a fan else its your Harddrive.

yea thats wat i had thoght, the only thing thats bugging me aboiut this is that i think i remember it doing it when i had my old FX 5500 gfx card in there, so i dont understand how both o them could of been making that noise

I had a PSU where the fan got so wooble it hit the grill.

lol saying tha my ps fan is wooble, but im 100% its not that, im pritty sure its not anything to do with something rubbing becasue its realy random on how it clicks and when it clicks and when it doesent

work logically around the case, run whatever causes the problem and then when the noise starts systematically stop each fan you can in the system. The psu fan should be fine to run without for a SHORT time, so if you get round all fans without resolution stick a scredriver in it temp and instantly boot the machines into whatever it is causes the problem.

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