so the night owl thread tonight could be fun :wink: :chuckle:

The Summer Time Act 1972 originally defined the period of British Summer Time to start at 2 am (GMT) on the morning of the day after the third Saturday in March or, if that was Easter Day, the day after the second Saturday. It was to end at 2 am (GMT) on the day after the fourth Saturday in October.

The duration of British Summer Time (BST) can be varied by Order of Council and in recent years has been changed so as to bring the date of the start of Summer Time into line with that used in Europe. So Summer time is now in force from the last Sunday in March until the last Sunday in October.

So originally by the old law clocks would have gone forward last weekend, but due to the European alliace (for want of a better word) the clocks go forward tonight to give parents of excited Easter Egg hunting children even less sleep than normal.

And chocoholics that have the normal 8hours sleep have got one less hour to eat all the Easter Eggs !!!


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Most of mine don’t need changing since I could not be bothered to alter them last time around.

If your confused about it look here! :wink:

this is more shocking: Bank apology for cash point hitch

We never learned how to change the clock on our cooker (no instruction manual, part of the fixtures/fittings of the house), so it has only now come back into correct time after spending six months an hour ahead (or was it behind)… :stuck_out_tongue:

whats a clock?

i got 2 watches didn’t change 1 last year and can’t remember how to change my new 1 so will just change what watch i wear :smiley:

I started a couple of years ago to ensure that anything we bought with a clock updated itself which makes life a whole lot easier.