come and av a look!!

anyway Im currently doing some courses…and for part of one…I have to make a website…

so I made 2 :lol: was just wondering if you guys would take a look…It was all done by hand… no dreamweaver !!


gimmie your thoughts !!

well the first link didnt work for me :stuck_out_tongue:

the other link works and the page it brings up works…

hmmmm, may I suggest you concentrate more on the spelling/grammar :stuck_out_tongue:

… and try not to be too “flash” with the Headline fonts :wink:

well you did ask for thoughts :smiley:

the second site was a rush job…just so I could get it up Grammer wasnt top priorty but the first site was…and well I dont think there is any grammer problems there ? :confused:

I’m with Wolram, nothing more off putting than bad spelling/grammar when visiting a site.


The headline font on the Dylan Thomas web site is very difficult to read for me. Concentrate less on flashy fonts and more on usability/readability.

Not much more to say, really, as there is not a lot more to the page at the moment.

Can’t say much about the 1st as there’s nowt really there.

Coding by hand is definitely the best way to learn, so a big :thumbsup: for doing it the “proper” way :slight_smile: It’s cool to actually see the fruits of your labour up for all to see isn’t it… should I be watching over my shoulder in a few years time?

simple answer…no :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: im trying but inbetween rushing to an evesham rig because the power supply has blown or to some other incedent needing technician…

But im trying…until I get kinda good at it id rather host it for free so the ads will always be a put off…DT just supplyed me with source code for an ogame login…so im working on a home intranet…should be fun :slight_smile:

Id rather learn the hard way and then move onto esier ways…nothing worse than skipping something ill need in the future if a site goes belly up and I need to fix it by hand !!

Gotta give you credit for doing it the “hard way” Bin :thumbsup:

Ive been running my own site for months, hand coded and running off my own apache server, and no one gives me any :thumbsup: :sniff:

But good to see u with a site again, all you need now is some embarassing pics of me yes :wink:

I plan for my site to have reason…and not be there because you can type thing…I dont do things because I can I like to have some sort of target at the end…I cant be botherd with all the faffing around of websites and apache servers… I know I can do it as I had a site being hosted once…but this is a project that will become a site in the end worth looking at hopefully…

I plan to take my development further into flash and php and java…but lets not get ahead of ourselfs eh :wink:

your just asking for trouble hosting on your own rig…and hosting sites are all over the place these days…