Come in number 98, your time is up

Windows 98 (and that ME pish) are now blindfolded with their backs to the wall thanks to this blog from Microsoft

OK so its a long in the tooth product but I wonder how the retaillers still selling it will fare.

Surely nobody is still buying that old tat, there wont be anybody daft enough to sell it ?

I found a selection of places stocking win98 using Dealtime and even two places to buy Windows 95

what scares me is, working in retail, that SOOO many tills still run on a win 98/95 background that if they are going to stop patching these tills when ever you use you Chip 'n pin someone might be able to take a gander at All your details.
Me thinks that i will still just stick with cash in shops :wink:

the tills at my wifes place still work on a version of dos but they don’t have any card facilitys either

I was on the beta team for 98se, I still have my complementry disk, ‘special beta version’ can be used for upgrades and fresh installs, ( it used to be 2 seperate disks ) oh them were the days, getting excited about the fact it was on a cd, the first forrays into multi monitor setups (17" & 15" crt) and 4 speaker sound!

brings a tear to my eye