Come on then Folders

Get yourself a team together of around 2000 points 7 day average and lets make this interesting :idea:

Mainly because you all know what happens when I get into races - up goes the output, so come on - give me a reason to turn on the 9Ghz or so I’ve got idle :smiley:


nice idea … count me in :slight_smile:


and me :smiley: No idea what my weekly output is though :lol:

Well ill run a few units thru the pipes… think I just messed with my boinc too much …and it died… ah well :slight_smile:

Also no idea what my weekly output is, got five boxes all chewing on three day units at the moment so there should be a spike soon.
Bit erratic to take an average from though

Best thing to find out roughly what your current average is is to monitor your clients with Electron Microscope - once it’s got frame times then it’ll also show points per day. So, ideally, you could monitor all your clients from the same EM3 instance to get an overall PPD average, or tot up your points from local instances.

*Hids thinks she will need to install F@H on both of Barry’s pc’s :Plot:


Friday afternoon strikes again :cry: :cry: happily sat working :eek: :wink: on a machine, FIZZ POP goes the board :cry:

Was only using it because then it would be crunching :lol: My main desktop acting as a cd-player :cuckoo:

Might need a rethink - but BRING IT ON SLACKERS !


New plan - current TEAM output is just shy of 10,000 points on the average.

Me, Mulda and Alta make 5,000 of that according to my brief looksie here

Without having spoken to either of them - here comes the gauntlet - 30days of crunching, the rest of the team and any new people you can get VS Me, Mulda and Alta.

So come on then all you slackers - pound us into the ground :nono: :nono:


Right…seeing as the media centre PC is back on is feet, and I need an reinstall…I think Folding may be put on it to give some extra help. :slight_smile:

Oh and don’t think I’ve forgotton about you in SIMAP :wink:

maybe you don’t want to know the list of kit I’ll be ordering next week :devil: :lol:

Come and join the Fantastic Folding Frenzy :lol:


Hmmm :devil:

:devil: as much as you like Peige :chuckle:

MP2000 re-installed and running :xfinger: seems to be something wrong since moving it out from my main desktop case into another though, has a tendency to reboot randomly :confused:


So were looking ay DT. Mulda and Alta v’s the rest of the team, for 30 days, shall I start from Monday and add the race to the stats/news report?


Right my duron is online now…

-advmethods must be on I guess because I have a gbgromacs core WU and I’ve not heard of it before?

My 7 day is just shy of 2000 points… depends which units I get…

give it 15 hours :slight_smile:

I’m game - bring it aaaawwwwwnnn

. . . . . Reaches for The Blueprints and blows the dust off . . . . .

This one might not be quite so Cunning though

Just added 1 machine to help out in the gauntlet. More to come if needed:devil:

I just posted 2016 points for the last 7 days. I have another 1965 points running on all my rigs right now. Those will all be completed in 4 days 12 hours, plus the units I get and complete in between (smaller < 1day units). I estimate next weeks 7 day to be close to 3000points if all goes well.

My totals for the last few weeks over two months have been:

The challenge is on… oh… its on :slight_smile: