Come on you slackers....

If I can get it to work so can you :wink:

Its cool this php image create :wink:

Very nice and flashy!

Not sure that the sludge on black is very easy to read though.

Oh and whereโ€™s mine???


Just used a script for folding changed a few bits around and hay
presto :slight_smile: still tinkering but time for sleep now will have to tinker

Now I am seriously impressed, way over my head.

Once you finished it to your satisfaction, not only do I WANT one (might even start using a Sig for the first time in ages:eek: ) but I wouldnโ€™t mind having a chat to find out how you did it.

Always willing to learn something:chin:

Have you changed it so that it does not call the Lifemapper website everytime it is displayed? Also is there any ability to display historic info like averages?

Nice work mate!

nah Barcode

Its that script that I posted in that Folding Siggies Thread :wink:

I just pointed it to the Mappersite and hay bingo, changed a few
fields for which columns it looked at and a few colour settings
and a new background and all worked.

Prob is my PHP skills are poor so I would not now where to start
on doing a daily or twice daily look up.

On this assumption a change in your Folding code might just
work perfectly for lifemapper all i did was change the addy to the
page it looked at.