Coming back to crunching..

… after a fair few months away from TPR and crunching in general, I reckon it’s time to put some spare cycles back to work. What’s the current state of play regarding TPR-friendly projects? Is SETI still going strong, or should I Fold?

Oh yes, is there a client for PDA’s? Specifically those running Windows Mobile 5 on an Intel XScale PXA270 cpu?

Welcome back Rid’s

/me dons the pimp hat and tips it in the direction of folding


Where as folding is making massive moves in terms of developing clients that can use gfx card GPU’s and the PS3, it’s not got a PDA one unfortunatly :frowning:


You know it makes sense



For simplicity and good credit S I M A P

howdy riddler :wave:
Einstein or Rosetta :smiley:

Howdy riddler, crunch whatever floats your boat.

I (this is only MY oppinion) would only ask that you crunch something that is not still in alpha or beta testing :wink:

Other than that its good to see ya back :slight_smile:


Good to see you back in the crunching game Riddler :slight_smile:

As some have said do what you want but may i point you in the way of folding :wink:

Can’t beat a bit of folding! :wink: