Computers crack famous board game

Computers crack famous board game

…and how much are they paying these guys?

But it seems not to be an entirely logic process, more one of regurgitating a move by remembering every possible combination. That’s cheating imo. They haven’t cracked the game.

I have to agree with Balrog, this is not an instance of having created a program which will intelligently play checkers, it’s merely a very large database of moves which have been pre-ranked for effectiveness depending on the position of the pieces on the board.

Do we not as humans do that anyway ?

We learn what move’s are good / what to avoid we look ahead at what may occur based on previous game’s played.

Surely only difference is the computer has a better memory…

Well it means it won’t play like a human, cheat, bluff, play the 2nd best move for advantage… it’s an eternal Turingesque question isn’t it? Is competence the same as intelligence? Logic the same as thought? Answers on a postcard to:

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