Congrats from LM!

>>Sorry for double-posting<<

Well, TPR bunch. It is obvious that you have overtaken two original LM insider teams that have been around from the beginning of the project. Congrats to you all!!!

The only hope to chase you down is to join Possums, but that would be a treason. Need to keep that Beta Tester team alive… chug…chug…chug…

Good job, guys!!

P.S. Critters of the week are Bugs and Fish, btw.

Thanks LM. We are just getting started with Lifemapper.

Please help the dev team to get the LINUX and CLI clients operational.

No problem with the Double Posting :wiggle:

Thanks for taking the time to pop in and Congratulate us:thumbsup:

There are many more that would help out but most important of all would be some sort of Caching ability as not everybody has/can afford an always-on net connection.

THX Lifemapper.

Have to agree. Caching and a CLI will give the project a reasonable boost.

Thanks, Lifemapper :slight_smile: