Congrats on the 1 MIL Nightlord

1 000 000 :tiphat: Nice going.
The race for #3 has become a bit more intreresting as of lately…

:trophy: Top crunching that man!

Well done !! :smiley:

:woot: Top crunching Nightlord :thumbsup:

Congrats Nightlord once again :tiphat:

Winter is coming guess what that means for the size of the farm in the loft :devil: Got a while to go to catch your totals, I reckon I can push you on RAC though - let’s see what can be done :devil:


Thanks guys :thumbsup: Next target is 3M Boinc combined!

Seti has been offline with me for most of this year, but when I was stomped into 4th place a few weeks back, well, I couldn’t just take it lying down could I :rolleyes:

The project still doesn’t float my boat as much as some of the the others on Boinc but now it seems I have a serious cruncher hard on my tails. I’m running flat out just to keep ahead of Mr.Kjellen. :scared:

Well done mate, you want to pick target for a race? How about first to stomp Mojo :Poke: :smiley:

grats indeed - that’s some great crunching!
just started up again myself, gonna be a looong while before I hit that :wink:

scary point to note, first time I read your post I read…



Congrats again Nightlord! Such a milestone indeed deserves its own thread :slight_smile:

Well done!

Hehe, stomping Mojo would be a worhy cause. He is a sitting duck anyways :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not afraid of your X2 3800 armada eiter :moon: lol, tho a quick look at boincstats seems to show me at a slight disadvantage.

Think we’d get it done by x-mas? Or whoever has most creds at 12pm newyears eve?

bring it on…