CPDN Classic 13/2/05

Most of you could call this :spam as only I crunch this ATM but hey, I gotta keep you all informed! :stuck_out_tongue:

We stomped Estonia…

Combustion..............:566.387 years
Team Phoenix Rising:....:552.659 Years

Currently we are in 208th place

Looks like you’ve a bit of catching up to do m8 :smiley:

No worries bout that!
Looks like the teams above are fairly inactive :smiley:

TPR should break back into the top 200 soon! :smiley:

Oh and Mortlake better look behind more often :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm, I wonder - I’ve a suspect cpu that’ll only run seti classic reliably :chin:

oh just a slow one, 64bit winchester3200 :devil:


Me thinks becoming top of TPR in one project just became a little harder…

but at least TPR would rise! :smiley:

so OK then clever clogs, who hid the installers ???


Yeah you have to search hard for them.

You had to goto About > How to participate > Follow downlaod links…

But here’s a link http://www.climateprediction.net/download/participate.php

Direct Link:http://www.climateprediction.net/download/cpdn_2_2_29.exe

Lets get the team up! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and get some benchmarks so we can get the results in the overall stats :smiley:

:cry: :cry:

Looks like your still on your own - no linux install for classic :cry:


I’ve heard that newer versions of WINE works fine.

Edit: naaah, couldn’t get the installer working…“Folder Path To Long” it said.

It said that to me as well on windows…

So I put it in a place with smaller file name…50 letters I think was the limit…

I fiddled around for a while moving things here and there but then finally gave up.
Not a Wine expert here :wink:

How do you mean?
Not installed?

I installed it to C:/Prgram Files/CPDN

That worked…

I mean the installer wants to install it on c: , but c: is burrowed down in the hiearchy like this:
/root/.wine/dosdevices/c: so the path gets too long.
I tried to move c: upwards in the system, but no…no…
Think I like beer better than Wine :wink:

ooopsie - I knew those 2Gb hd’s from ebay would come in handy :wave:



Oh come one…

Give a guy a chance of being number 1! :frowning: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Be glad of the support actually! :smiley:

Oh, Balrog…Can we have some combi stats please? :rolleyes: :flip: