Crazy Weather

A few days ago we were in the hi 20’s C (80F)
Now they are telling us to dig in for up a 30cm (1 foot) of snow!
My sunburn may get frostbite… ~smiles~
Just plain insane.

I’ve heard of the forecasts for this weekend and such, but didn’t realize it would go so far south to affect you. I heard Kansas is to get the brunt of it and, luckily, is looking to go south of here, which is what they were originally thinking.

I’m not wanting to get my shovel out again! Hopefully, if we get anything here, it’ll be a dusting or not enough to warrant the shovel!

Yeah they say should start out as Thunderstorms tonight, freezing rain and hail Friday and then dump on us Sat.
Kansas and the Oklahoma panhandle should get the worst of it, but saying OKC still will get 6-12 inches.

BTW where are you… guessing Brooklyn, but you know about assuming.

Sorry…should have mentioned it. Omaha area. Brooklyn is where I was born and raised. :slight_smile:

Ah a Cornhusker!
What brought you to Nebraska.

[QUOTE=Vortex;435850]Ah a Cornhusker!
What brought you to Nebraska.[/QUOTE]

College first, then family. Now I’m stuck. Sadly, the only part of Oklahoma I’ve been to is Stillwater (OK St.). Was hoping to get to Ok City and the University there.

Funny enough, my Uncle from New Jersey was just in Ok City yesterday to meet with people from the University there regarding business. :slight_smile:

I like Stillwater, two must do there is visit Eskimo Joe’s and go to the Hideaway for a slice of pizza!
Well if you ever make plans to visit OKC, be sure to let me know.
Take Care,

BTW, hope things went well for your uncle during his business trip.

Theres only one solution to this Heidi.

On the snowy days, fill all your coolboxes with snow.
Then enjoy free chilled drinks on the sunny days.

</Viz Top-Tips>

We lucked out, most the state got hit with 6-12 inches, before it stalled out one county away. We, mainly got some freezing rain and a slight dusting so far.
So no snow for the coolboxes.