Crunching on a mainframe

Anyone know if it’s possible to crunch on an IBM 3174 11L mainframe?

I have 2 and will have another 4 in Feb.

I’d say no, because it was withdrawn by IBM in 1999.

It’s be kinda fun to give it a shot though. As it always is on a golden oldie. No good for Docking or other long unit stuff :slight_smile:

No - The 3174 was a dumb terminal control unit, it supported up to 32 VDUs or printers on coaxial connections . There were two types - local (hardwired to the mainframe) or remote - on the end of a telephone line and modem - designated by a ‘R’ in the model type . I think some of the later models had ethernet or token ring connectivity.
It had no independent processing capability .

Aha, thanks for the info. I know squat about these things. Never got into MF’s.