so has anyone got or heard of these ?

look pritty cool


and to answer…yes im still a kid :cool: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

looks entertaining… for a few days. cant find anywhere to buy them though

thats just taking the fun out of doodling stick men on paper… is everything we do going digital?

/ive even played a game online where u have to keep a guy standing up straigh while hes drunk and takeing a pee…i mean COME ON! digital pee???

I wonder how complex the interaction algorithm is, the bandwidth of the cube interlink and how scaleable? 10 cubes? 100,1000?

MC im going to say this once … lie down before you hurt yourself

Well, the thing said you can link a maximum of 16… :stuck_out_tongue:

oh someone stop him, before he tries to crunch on it!

he probably already has…:lol:

howd it go ? ;):stuck_out_tongue:

16 cubes.

Pah. :frowning:

i think stick man games are fun.
i’ve found tons on the internet.

found them


Really cool :slight_smile:

looks like my kinda game that… silly and relatively simple (spot who like playing mario etc)