D@H UD 23/5/2010

Just a little offering, cos everyone likes their stats!

A little bit of a stat report of the past week;


[li]The Fiend up 1 to No: 9 :stomp: King Leo. Also passing the 2M mark.[/li][li]Warmheart up 3 to No: 17 :stomp: Spesh, Lonely & Scientific Frontline.[/li][li]Bullseye up 1 to No: 31 :stomp: PGood.[/li][li]Morpheus up 1 :stomp: rwillis[/li][/ul]
Team Stats:

[li]Planet3DNow[/li][li]Phoenix Rising[/li][li]Canada[/li][/ol]
Climber to watch: Boinc@Poland, up 2 places in last week (5 places in the month)
acquiring 215,648 credits in one day. (They are a big team though, compared to our 59 members)


[li]Boinc@Poland[/li][li]Phoenix Rising[/li][li]Planet3DNow[/li][/ol]
stats sourced from Docking@Home & Boincstats at 9:30 UK time.

A big Thank You to Warmheart for a stats update.
A job well done.

Just so you all don’t think I have been taking it easy here are
a few photo’s of my weekend. Finally got outside to start cleaning
up as I have the inside mostly complete and livable. Still fighting
my tick problem, but only seeing a few every other day.
Nothing compared to a few weeks ago when I was getting them in droves.
Pictures of the front of the house before and after. Talk about a job, cleared
everything including digging up all the stumps. Rented a 20yrd dumpster
to haul away all the crap. The next job will be to paint and landscape.
I can hardly wait. LOL