D²OL and its TPR future...

I’m posting this as requested elsewhere.

As you may or may not know, as the result of massive disk corruption on the main D²OL stats server (caused by power outages and a UPS failure), all D²OL stats have been zeroed to check how well everything is working.

At least one source of pre-failure stats has been identified and offered up to assist recovery, no doubt there will be others.

So, the question to the team is do we give them time to sort the mess out and crunch on or call it a day and move on to other projects.

I’ve quit and cast my vote to stop but if it can be repaired then i see no reason why it cant be crunched. I wont be in a hurry to return though, not after a big mess up like that.

Since it doesn’t look like my stats matter anymore with the race with the Digital Darkroom I’ll be move myself back to Picard. It’s been fun!

the lack of proffesionalism in this project…I have finally decided to throw the towel in… I had an alternate account about to join tpr under the name of dtcs… as its work based but I wont be dumping the units…
this is not good just after the last crash of like almost all of december…and then the cheaters…
there are some nodes I cant get to…to take d2ol off so ill be leaving them at it but the other ones I can get to I will remove as soon as possible… rosetta for me :wink:

After only being at it a short time…well like I said else where…BYE BYE D2OL. They have many issues, that well I’m not willing to pour my systems at. Back to Folding.

I am going to hold my vote for a day or 2 and give them a wait and see. I think I will shut down the farm for the time being, It is going through a transformation at the moment anyway.

Well I’m with MAOJC on this will wait a few days and see how it pans out… just as I got my new opteron online :slight_smile:


I wont be dumping the units…

if you have any results plaese at least upload them… after all it’s the science


suppose I could… and ill join the member to the team before I go… just got in a rant mode there…

guess I would have… but not for the science as I believe thats also gone balls up… if they cant make simple back ups… like a 5 year old kid can of his home pictures…then this is not a good thing…

as has been said how hard would it be to back-up to more than one location… I do it at work…why cant they!!!

/rant mode!!

I’m not going to say the whole team should jump ship from the project, people should do what they want and enjoy.

My position is that i’m moving on from this project, i want to put all my effort into one project for a while and with work being the way it is boinc based stuff will be right for me over the next couple of months.

I like D2OL and think that they will sort it out in the end, i remember the problems with seti going down for weeks for various reasons… problems with cheating… all that but they never lost all the stats and they did work at the project to get it back online and working again. The D2OL peeps need to do the same.

time will tell the true damage, but I think I am one of those who are uncertain if the computing time and power is being put to good use on this project. I think if you are uncertain then it can’t be good. Maybe in time the project will recover, we don’t know and don’t have a crystal ball.

Sometimes though a change is the catalyst to improved crunching power :devil: The other TPR projects will welcome any D2OL power and that is for sure.


getting old very quickly… i’m now folding (well trying to)


I shall maintain my D2OL/F@H split for the time being.

Whilst they have their problems, the science is still worth support and free from commercial contamination.

If any of your remember Lifemapper and what happen when they found some one cheating (installed program on computer that he didn’t have permission from owner). They cleared his stats and banned him from the project. Since the Admins handled the problem up front and quickly there was not a problem. D2OL and TSC have never been quick to fix a problem or keep the crunchers informed on whats going on. We crunch for the science and the competition, it cost us money to do so. There’s more than enough projects out there that don’t treat it cruncher like s***. The Rothberg Institute (D2OL and TSC) needs to change before I ever run another of their projects.

A sad day - I’ve loved this project, the client also is so unobtrusive, much like the great genome project of old…

Still mulling over what to do… :scratch:

I say also bye bye, good-bye and ciao D²OL :wasted: it was an amazing time but it’s again time for the basic projects :slight_smile:

Looks like the darkroom are going to be ditching D2OL , whats worse is we are losing people because this has put them off DC :frowning:

I think this is probebly the last DC project we will be able to compete with you lot as I think we have lost about 1/3rd of our team to this :mad:

anyway, it was fun and you did finnish ahead of us :rolleyes: flaming tarts :rolleyes: :wink: so well done ya horrible lot :slight_smile:

Thats sad to hear Dez, its a shame to loose faith in a project, even worse to loose faith in dc alltogether :frowning:

I suggest you pic a new project and then do a battlecry in the crunchers dungeon :nod:

Sad day indeed Dezy… i’m sure you’ll still be over here taunting us which ever projects are run.


Well I have seen no progress to correct the underlying issues with D2OL. I guess I will pump a few Rosetta WU’s with BOINC and see how that goes.

Well after giving it time, i have just decided to uninstall d20l from my pc’s and start lookgin for a new project. It just seems that they, D20L are either not bothered, incompitent or just don’t respect the people donating their time and equipment to their project.

Dezy sorry to hear that this has put alot of the dc’ers off crunching altogether, hope they change their minds as who we out tart and heckle :wink:

So what projects are about :slight_smile: