D²OL and its TPR future...

Non-boinc I know there is folding@home

Boinc-Rosetta, Simap (could use some help in this just beginning project), protien predictor

All relating to biological sciences.

Kick it into touch and crunch Rosetta. The project has had its down time this week, but overall has been robust and easy to crunch even for my single CPU rig.

Well the thing being, if we go boinc we lose probebly 3 or 4 of our biggest crunchers, something to to with boinc changing its code without the user knowing ?

So I need to be looking for a farely new project that has a non-boinc platform

I got this reply on Sun AM…one week after the D2OL melt down
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Sorry for the delay in reply. I was out of town on a family emergency for several days.
I think Charles has addressed the server problems in the forums at this point. I know that the power outage of this past week continues to wreak havoc at the TRI facility, so there may still be some after-effects on the project.
As for an automatic alert from sick or dying server images, I have not yet been given full administrative priveleges, so I’m not privy to all of the various nuances of the systems. I do recall Charles mentioning a monitoring system, so I’m fairly confident that this is in place. After my visit to TRI in early February I should have much more in-depth knowledge of the systems and be able to provide you with more definitive answers.
Thanks for your patience.
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Thought you know about the reply…

I think the future of D2OL and the power stats mad crunchers is in his hands now. :xfinger: for him I think, and from a programming point - good luck !!

My diskless farm is now completely D2OL capable - all 12 nodes. Wondering now what kind of output that lot would have given us vs Digi :chin:


spock5550 will be staying with TPR until this mess is sorted.

good news Spock5550 :smiley:

Adam the new D2OL developer will be “onsite” sometime this week it would appear from the forums, this could mean the project is making moves to improve. It certainly seems there is enough passion to resolve the issues. But I see the flip side as well - if I stood to have my resources halved or worse, I would fight for it as well.


Thanks for the update DT :thumbsup:

I have 2500+ results to upload at some point, have switched to folding for a bit, to try and reach 50k