D²OL News

as most of you already know the d20l server has been down over the weekend and the stats have not updated, News post will return when the server and stats are back up and running (hopefully later today)


Thanks for the update Curly :slight_smile:

I posted and Emailed them…no reply as of today 2:51 PM CST 1/16/2005

Had to crank a few systems back over to F@H for the down time…Does this happen often with servers at D2OL? Sure is a pain to jump in that out like a bunny…but oh well…

<<EDIT>> http://www.d2ol.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=7&t=000780#000003

I said what I thought…sure is poor support for a project that already has flames on it from cheats…I would think they would monitor servers more then daily…

The Rothberg Institute which runs both D2OL and TSC doesn’t seem to put much effort into the projects at times, one of the reasons I don’t run the projects much anymore. They’ve left the crunchers out in the dark one too many times.

Yeha it is a little disheartening when you know it is so easy to setup a simple monitor to page out someone.

welcome to D2ol…

one of the reasons Ive moved most of my rigs to rosetta :wink:



Doesn’t look good…File ERRORS sounds like HD issues…Crank’n a few more systems back on to Folding… CLICK!

Reply from the big Cheese… http://www.d2ol.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=7;t=000780;p=1#000008

His reply is well a point that I don’t feel should be given. What does he think computer farms crunch for them cost (FREE)
YES FREE I pay the bill. I except the fact it goes down once every so often, but comments like this are wrong. Yes the science is first (DATA) but man who do you think is given you that DATA…ME and TPR members…what a jerk this fellow is…time to look else where for a new project…OK that said what is the next step for me…back to folding maybe not sure but not D2OL for sure. Please give me your feelings on this D2OL’ers


Know sooner did I say something and bang the darn thing downloads work. The power of the bitch I guess wins out again. Now from what I can see the Stats are not online yet but I got work so I’ll wait for a bit and see what happens. I did bump a few up on cache size. I hope they D2OL get it fixed soon.

Now for a look at stats over at F@H…

Looking at the D2OL forum it might be awhile before the stats are back up, something to do with a bad back-up/restore. I’ve ran most of the different projects at one time or another both BOINC and stand alone. Unless the Team is trying to catch or out run another team I run different projects (just look at my sig). BOINC is nice in that it allows me to have 3 or 4 different projects running and not having to worry about one projects problems.


Please read Charles Beckius last report for details…Not sure what, and how this will all play out. Curly maybe we can do a add to past details for more complete stats. Well back to making a living.

Stats don’t look to good had to be zero’d heres a quote from charles that was in the thread Greg linked to.

whats the feelings on this?


Gut instant reaction = bye bye D2OL


Could you Curly put a Vote on this…

Should we continue as a group supporting D2OL

YES / NO is about it…

I’ll place my no once up…when I get back in 1/2 hour …turning off D2OL

WOW I lost 66,741 I’m back to 0 Glad I stopped awhile ago.

Sorry to say that they have been lost for a while. Which is to bad it was a good project.

ive always said to myself that once something goes wrong with D2OL, i’m going back to LHC. Maybe i’ll return when i have another rig but for now at least, Goodbye D2OL

Just empted what work I stiil had and now REMOVING the program from my computers. :mad:

All back on F@H until I find something new that is stable, none cheating, and doesn’t have a sys admin that is a putz…bye bye D2OL

It is amazing to me that this was not done more professionally, How hard is it to burn a DVD or 2 a couple of times a week Certainly the compressed stats data could not have been more than about 10 gig. With the contributions that the crunching community has provide, and the stewart ship of the data placed in D2OL hands, how could this even happen. If the data is big then why not on a mirror or a pair of redundant drives for backup. The odds of 2 redundant copies failing at the same time is enormous. Put it on seperate computers, in seperate locations even, on different OSs. I don’t care just save the data, there is nothing else but the data in these projects. I hear the story that the science is OK, but is certainly makes me wonder about that too. It would be easy enough to brush us off and just resend the old work out again to get the results back restored. It’s the stats they can’t do that way for sure.
I think their cause is worth, but their executon is definetly lacking.

I think it is time for a farm re-evaluation. I just hate to make Neal happy! :wave:

Ugly, ugly. Wannabe system admins sounds to me. Major is right, any sytem admin worth half their money would have an older backup server/system as well as myself as a user, huh, sat at 9am the d/l dvd is burning onto double layer +rw media all my IMPORTANT data in weekly intervals, as a system admin of a project like this? Data files, databases, records, etc, etc, any data remotely related to the project is getting put at least to a tape drive over the Network. Mismanagement is all I have to say when the top jeffe says they weren’t interested in the stats, but the data only, and a few other off color statements. Haven’t crunched the project, and at seeing this, doubt I will.

After a slight ‘hiccup’ with the crunchers at home and the internet connection, i havent been able to do any crunching as such for a few weeks. :frowning: I’m hoping that this weekend with the new kit i just bought, will see a minimum of 6 new crunchers coming online. :cool:

But after reading this thread and visiting the D2ol forums i think i will go with the main body of voters to whichever project thats going to feel the full force of TPR in action :slight_smile:

Predictor, Rosetta, Folding, or Simap would be happy which ever way it swings :slight_smile: