D²OL puts out the welcome mat for........

step2000, welcome to the team Greg :slight_smile:


Hello, and welcome!

Running it at same time for now with Folding on a test run (1 box). Will see how it works for me here. Thinking of moving half the farm over to something…maybe D2OL…will see :smiley:
Thanks Curly for the welcome. If you have any facts I need please drop me a line!


Well I’m on board with D2OL with one system. I also check my stats and I already have some numbers up…wow thats sort of nice…Well Now just to finish a few 600 WU’s at F&H…and I’ll convert a few more…

Also any good tools for watching this stuff…I’m using DSPY but it does have a points area or am I missing something?

D2OL is the most stable of any of the projects IMHO.

Welcome Greg. :wave: