Daily Seti Flame 18/01/2007

18 January 2007

17-Jan-2007 16:52 37.4M (server time and XML size)

New Recruits

No leavers :slight_smile:

Daily Big Hitters

 1 Burlsey                                   24070
 2 mr.kjellen                                10789
 3 M.D. Petermeier                            2855
 4 Sgt Bilko                                  2476
 5 Master of Puppets                          2448
 6 Tim                                        2353
 7 Charlie1                                   2226
 8 Ken                                        2134
 9 Egad Ivegoninsane                          2113
10 Andy Wiliams                               1935

Rolling Week Big Hitters

 1 Burlsey                                  108937
 2 mr.kjellen                                39714
 3 Master of Puppets                         13650
 4 M.D. Petermeier                           11507
 5 Tim                                       10264
 6 Charlie1                                  10183
 7 Ken                                        9918
 8 Sgt Bilko                                  9773
 9 Scotty2Hotty                               8080
10 Andy Wiliams                               7965

Premier League
Tom Wilson moves up 1 place to 24th stomping P51 Mustang

Division 1
Scotty2Hotty moves up 1 place to 3rd stomping Kevin G. Clarke
GreatInca moves up 1 place to 34th stomping Tim Clarke

Division 2
Daniel Brady moves up 2 places to 3rd stomping SizEzE and Sark3k
Ulysses moves up 1 place to 8th stomping sdl
DaRkMaN moves up 1 place to 9th stomping sdl
Texasvirgo moves up 1 place to 41st stomping Invaluable

Division 3
Stephan moves up 2 places to 5th stomping War_Pig and DannagE
neopac moves up 2 places to 13th stomping Quaz and bmorlan
Therese B. moves up 1 place to 19th stomping Ryu
Mis-Magic moves up 2 places to 26th stomping somanvx and Fantstav

Division 4
Milos Petrovic moves up 7 places to 6th stomping Rika, Dragon15, Nameless 1, CrystalShards, Julean, Team GSV and Andylamb
Georgia Born moves up 1 place to 14th stomping Aero
geckogod2 moves up 1 place to 36th stomping Craig Hovey
Rich moves up 1 place to 39th stomping Phill Blayney
bo_leggs moves up 2 places to 43rd stomping Patfan73 and BlueDragonRC

Division 5
Pablo4077 moves up 3 places to 1st stomping Tom Moore, Gary Brum and milo909
Matt moves up 8 places to 14th stomping OgrePete, Geophite, Koolaid K. Kitten, Alta, billy, Speedo, James J Lee and capitolq
Lost John moves up 1 place to 37th stomping jimchee

Division 6


Thanks for the update P51! :slight_smile:

(sorry about the stomp)

Thanks for the Seti stats, P51 Mustang.

Thanks for posting the update :thumbsup: