Daily Seti Flame 19/09/2006

19 September 2006

18-Sep-2006 12:29 33.1M (server time and XML size)

New Recruits

No leavers :slight_smile:

Daily Big Hitters

 1 Burlsey                                   18879
 2 Nightlord                                  6329
 3 mr.kjellen                                 6263
 4 R33                                        3123
 5 M.D. Petermeier                            2174
 6 Lowfield                                   2007
 7 DoubleTop                                  1931
 8 TankGirl                                   1487
 9 Scotty2Hotty                               1180
10 Andy Wiliams                               1148

Rolling Week Big Hitters

 1 Burlsey                                  102645
 2 Nightlord                                 36125
 3 mr.kjellen                                32399
 4 R33                                       13793
 5 DoubleTop                                 12633
 6 Lowfield                                  11191
 7 M.D. Petermeier                           10152
 8 Andy Wiliams                               7799
 9 Tim                                        7107
10 andyu                                      7001

Premier League

Division 1
Spaceboy moves up 1 place to 20th stomping RobbyT
Crazy Phil moves up 1 place to 30th stomping Master of Puppets
Monitor-Man moves up 1 place to 38th stomping Teutoburg

Division 2
Mr_SeeD moves up 1 place to 5th stomping tony
Scotty2Hotty moves up 2 places to 20th stomping Dale and Charles
Invaluable moves up 2 places to 42nd stomping MaddMattG and War_Pig

Division 3
Andrew Watt moves up 2 places to 9th stomping Pants and Big Six
Manuel Hohmann moves up 2 places to 37th stomping Nameless 1 and Andylamb

Division 4
Ryu moves up 1 place to 3rd stomping Julean
Jeff Pleet moves up 1 place to 21st stomping d4y+im3
Avaris moves up 1 place to 31st stomping Hidden Spirit
Andrew moves up 1 place to 33rd stomping milo909
fenix25 moves up 1 place to 34th stomping milo909

Division 5
Badliltexan moves up 1 place to 1st stomping NeoCow
BigSix moves up 5 places to 5th stomping NightWlf, atcchief, T-Bag, Paul Gysen and phantomorrin
Justobrien moves up 6 places to 21st stomping Louis C. LaCour, Jr., Andy Wood, Spacey, seti-king, Chad and Skyler
christine moves up 4 places to 43rd stomping Ludovixxx, drezha, whale and Fibers

Division 6
paullitsa moves up 16 places to 1st stomping RobSI, Lost It, putty_thing, bgl2, Cow Biscuit, bagent, bo_leggs, Deac Starkiller, rangi, Swansea_Stompers, Sherie, Griff, Angela, Ethan Miller, PRAD and Mithos

Thanks for the updates P51!

Thanks for the news P51. :slight_smile:

:furious: router problems

Thanks for the news

I guess I know what my P4 3.0 gthz will do by itself:)

Thanks for the news :slight_smile:

Having trouble uploading work all of the sudden. Had to manually retry. Going to RCN untill I figure it out/get advice :wink:

2 SETI unit say “ready to report” but wont go… any ideas? (BOINC newb here :wink: )


all seems good here fenix25

Cheers for the news once again P51 :clap: :slight_smile:


Thanks DT. I didn’t know about the server stats page. But the work sent with a little rebooting and tinkering… now to see if it can run by itself :wink: