Daily Seti Flame 30/04/07

30 April 2007

29-Apr-2007 13:06 42.2M (server time and XML size)

New Recruits

No Leavers :slight_smile:

Daily Big Hitters

 1 mr.kjellen                                18020
 2 Burlsey                                   12865
 3 DoubleTop                                 10084
 4 www.dougaldesign.co.uk                     6378
 5 Sgt Bilko                                  5564
 6 Tim                                        3463
 7 Kenn Hutchins                              2425
 8 MickeyC                                    2109
 9 jhorner                                    1829
10 M.D. Petermeier                            1558

Rolling Week Big Hitters

 1 mr.kjellen                               120123
 2 Burlsey                                  106226
 3 DoubleTop                                 68826
 4 www.dougaldesign.co.uk                    61945
 5 Sgt Bilko                                 38231
 6 Tim                                       21159
 7 M.D. Petermeier                           16409
 8 Kenn Hutchins                             15154
 9 Charlie1                                  14389
10 MickeyC                                   13737

Premier League
MickeyC moves up 1 place to 29th stomping CelticSkyhawk

Division 1
Victor Lawrence moves up 1 place to 26th stomping active32
Daniel Brady moves up 1 place to 35th stomping tony
neopac moves up 1 place to 41st stomping Scott

Division 2
Owen Crossby moves up 1 place to 9th stomping Ares
Phlame moves up 1 place to 12nd stomping Ulysses
Justobrien moves up 1 place to 15th stomping Timothy Steinbrunner
Mis-Magic moves up 1 place to 41st stomping George Fischell
Bob Gaspardino moves up 1 place to 46th stomping Keith_M_B

Division 3
ghost moves up 4 places to 32nd stomping The Goodies, bo_leggs, The Brotherhood and Andrew Watt
bo_leggs moves up 1 place to 35th stomping The Goodies
BlueDragonRC moves up 1 place to 50th stomping tomcoomes

Division 4
Rich moves up 1 place to 15th stomping G_Loc

Division 5
gerv moves up 3 places to 4th stomping merlin, Badliltexan and SFL ORG.
David Wert moves up 1 place to 16th stomping scott
jhorner moves up 26 places to 36th stomping macgyvero, kevdt67, Matthew Donovan, Andy Wood, Burlsey, NightWlf, mackerel [TPR], christine, atcchief, Exsilon, jimchee, Padowan, T-Bag, Spacey, Welrod45, timrease2, seti-king, Jeff Hutton, Robert Bressi, Chad, Skyler, nigel, BarryandNita, Daniel Kring, Louis C. LaCour, Jr. and stuart
Jeff Hutton moves up 5 places to 37th stomping macgyvero, NightWlf, atcchief, Exsilon and T-Bag

Division 6

Thanks for posting the update Endre :thumbsup:

Today’s picture is rather apt :wink: :slight_smile:


Thanks Endre :cool:

Picture is very good… you shouldn’t be posting pictures from home though :lol:

6378 ? how pathetic … waits for large scale mickey taking from DT

added 2 more dual cores.(only 1.86ghz ones)

Thanks, Endre. As for the pic? Well, nice to know there’s finally a way to tell the girl stormtroopers from the guy stormtroopers. :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys should show more respect for Endre’s mom.