Daily Seti Flame 31/08/2006

31 August 2006

30-Aug-2006 12:29 31.2M (server time and XML size)

New Recruits
None today :frowning:

We say goodbye to Mathena

Daily Big Hitters

 1 Burlsey                                   22301
 2 mr.kjellen                                 3730
 3 R33                                        2057
 4 Lowfield                                   1947
 5 Endre                                      1636
 6 Tim                                        1427
 7 Egad Ivegoninsane                          1370
 8 M.D. Petermeier                            1353
 9 Charlie1                                   1323
10 DoubleTop                                  1317

Rolling Week Big Hitters

 1 Burlsey                                  140670
 2 mr.kjellen                                20924
 3 R33                                       15362
 4 Lowfield                                  13355
 5 Tim                                        9732
 6 Endre                                      9024
 7 M.D. Petermeier                            8239
 8 Andy Wiliams                               8082
 9 Egad Ivegoninsane                          7275
10 Charlie1                                   7043

Premier League
mr.kjellen moves up 1 place to 3rd stomping Nightlord
P51 Mustang moves up 1 place to 21st stomping StormPC
Endre moves up 1 place to 35th stomping Kevin Beasley

Division 1
roguebfl moves up 1 place to 9th stomping AGD
Russell L. Wright moves up 1 place to 48th stomping sdl

Division 2
Dave Miller moves up 1 place to 9th stomping Sigg
Zylas moves up 1 place to 12nd stomping Mordant
Mr_SeeD moves up 1 place to 16th stomping Ronald C. Spencer
phees moves up 1 place to 28th stomping MAx-2001

Division 3
Scotty2Hotty moves up 1 place to 2nd stomping The Dirts
Invaluable moves up 2 places to 12nd stomping somanvx and Fantstav

Division 4
No movement today

Division 5
scott moves up 1 place to 13th stomping jimchee
geckogod2 moves up 4 places to 35th stomping Guinfan, Xeonzinc, Wisperingshadows and Jaerik

Division 6

:eek: someone has :stomp: the beast !!! Now he’s stuck, being stomped all over the place, TFW got the beast in Folding and now this :smiley: Has he the power to return ?

Cheers P51 :thumbsup: These Intel Macs are pretty darn smart out the blocks :woot: :smiley:


Thanks for the news :slight_smile:

Top Job :thumbsup:

Whoo hoo, made it to the Premier division :slight_smile:

Congrats Endre! And thanks for the news! :cheers:

Congrats Endre!

Cheers for the news! no stomps today :frowning:

Thanks for the news :tiphat:

Be sure to give the children an extra special hug at bedtime tonight. Double check the doors are bolted and windows are shuttered and locked. Hang out some garlic and keep the silver bullet to hand. Something is stiring down in the woods tonight.

Something big…and hairy…and horrible

nemo me impune laccessit

No one harms me unpunished? Guess you are refering to the stomping you got?!

for Info only

it looks that Seti USA , hast lost their Top Cruncher


his new home can be found here


he has a RAC with over 100.000 … :slight_smile:

so the cards have to rebuild …

Greetings from Germany
Sir Ulli

Ouch! Thats going to stir things up. Looks like the next one down on the list only has an RAC of 23,000. Respectable… but nowhere near his :eek:

Thanks for the stats P51.

Endre, congratulations for making in to the premier league.

thanks for the news :tiphat:

phees moves up 1 place to 28th stomping MAx-2001

:furious: moved my system to crunch seti :smiley:
and phees( 82,044 credits ) that’s your last week you are in front of me( 81,136 credits ) in overall stats.:wasted: