Daily Seti Flame 31st Jan 09

31 January 2009

30-Jan-2009 15:05 (server time)

New Recruits
None today :frowning:

No leavers :slight_smile:

Daily Big Hitters

 1 JUGGY                                     39474
 2 mr.kjellen                                34731
 3 Gandelf                                   33748
 4 Andy Williams                             30659
 5 placidsheep                               18504
 6 RealPhenom                                12357
 7 P51 Mustang                                9520
 8 M.D. Petermeier                            8169
 9 The Fiend                                  7779
10 Sgt Bilko                                  6604

Rolling Week Big Hitters

 1 JUGGY                                    305706
 2 mr.kjellen                               259179
 3 Andy Williams                            248522
 4 Gandelf                                  198271
 5 placidsheep                              135394
 6 P51 Mustang                              101317
 7 M.D. Petermeier                           63707
 8 RealPhenom                                59232
 9 The Fiend                                 57921
10 Sgt Bilko                                 55221

Premier League
JUGGY moves up 1 place to 10th stomping andyu
P51 Mustang moves up 1 place to 11th stomping andyu
Gandelf moves up 1 place to 15th stomping Lumeneau Design LTD
placidsheep moves up 1 place to 35th stomping Kevin Beasley

Division 1

Division 2
putty_thing moves up 1 place to 3rd stomping TPR-MarkONE
Scientific Frontline moves up 1 place to 24th stomping Fleshwound
RealPhenom moves up 10 places to 32nd stomping jalagon, phees, ike, luke, Therese B., Micro7, Gandalf, DaRkMaN, hal9000dav and Dale
alpha7 moves up 1 place to 42nd stomping ike
Stephan moves up 1 place to 44th stomping Frank A. Ross

Division 3
Paul Good moves up 1 place to 27th stomping Andrew
june moves up 1 place to 34th stomping Rich

Division 4
ET_Seeker moves up 5 places to 46th stomping Robert Gerrard, G_Loc, Thentil, mackerel and antgash

Division 5

Division 6
Giampiero Gaetano Re moves up 4 places to 49th stomping Jennifer Michelle, HairyMonster, Xeonzinc and Wisperingshadows
Noel moves up 2 places to 65th stomping Cow Biscuit and Griff
Jerry moves up 11 places to 85th stomping Steven Zusack, TwoFaced, henry, Ghawk, marcomman, Giampiero Gaetano Re, Sean Monteverdi, Death, Lagom1, ComTeck and Iven

noticed it this morning, that’s the busiest the premier league has been for some time :woot:

Stompathon news report today :stomp:


Thanks for the stats Malc

Premier League here I am :smiley:

Time to stomp you all now :stuck_out_tongue:

just gona take a bit longer than usual… :slight_smile:

TPR is ON FIRE!!! (Yes you may quote me…:lol:) Great crunching all.:thumbsup:

My CPU is only averaging 25% right now because of the AP problem (I rarely have any AP units.):furious: If this keeps up I’m dumping the i7 and getting a couple of 775 boards with lots of video slots and cards. God bless nVidia and CUDA.:angel:

Thanks Mustang!:cheers:

Thanks Mustang:cheers: