Daily Seti Flame 8th August 09

08 August 2009

07-Aug-2009 15:42 (server time)

New Recruits
None today :frowning:

No leavers :slight_smile:

Daily Big Hitters

 1 mr.kjellen                                29220
 2 Mortlake                                  18520
 3 Andy Williams                             17094
 4 M.D. Petermeier                           13670
 5 WORMSS                                     9840
 6 Sgt Bilko                                  9716
 7 TPR_Mojo                                   9441
 8 P51 Mustang                                7282
 9 Charlie1                                   4075
10 www.ledconversions.co.uk                   3825

Rolling Week Big Hitters

 1 mr.kjellen                               197374
 2 Mortlake                                 133007
 3 M.D. Petermeier                          102817
 4 Andy Williams                             99164
 5 Gudguy                                    85318
 6 Sgt Bilko                                 71763
 7 TPR_Mojo                                  66808
 8 P51 Mustang                               63145
 9 Charlie1                                  39467
10 WORMSS                                    35414

Premier League
MAOJC moves up 1 place to 31st stomping twister17e

Division 1
WORMSS moves up 1 place to 1st stomping geckogod2
Cloudhunter moves up 1 place to 8th stomping neopac
Mr_SeeD moves up 1 place to 48th stomping Piet

Division 2
John Tyll moves up 2 places to 8th stomping Richard Ellis and paul greer
phantomorrin moves up 2 places to 16th stomping ET_Seeker and Paul Good
Noel moves up 1 place to 26th stomping spirit_of_the_sixties
http://www.crunchyhog.co.uk moves up 3 places to 29th stomping phees, Gandalf and Owen Crossby

Division 3
Quaz moves up 1 place to 14th stomping HellOnIce
Brooklyn74 moves up 2 places to 27th stomping Fatterbob and june
MaddMattG moves up 1 place to 45th stomping Scott
Aero moves up 1 place to 50th stomping Keith_M_B

Division 4
Fox_bat moves up 2 places to 20th stomping Seti-NorthWestUSA.com and Gerald Saunders
Badliltexan moves up 1 place to 27th stomping Sean Monteverdi
atcchief moves up 9 places to 28th stomping Harry, Big Six, Tzal_Maweth, The Brotherhood, Fantstav, Storm PCs, Sean Monteverdi, Kyle and Spacey
Jerry moves up 2 places to 49th stomping Eric Haynes and Beren

Division 5
SX2800-1 moves up 10 places to 3rd stomping Robert Gerrard, G_Loc, Thentil, Badliltexan, Joacim Berglund, mackerel, Manuel Hohmann, antgash, Nova Phoenix and John-Home Office

Division 6

:stomp: Whee!

super report Curly!

Cheers curly :slight_smile:

Oooh, ta mate. Love the way yโ€™can hit a slot in Premier, and hang in there months :slight_smile:

Until yon wipper-snappers start biting your bum with their >2 cores. Time to sharpen up me falsiesโ€ฆ

Thanks Curly99. :thumbsup: