Dang it not again

well seems i have misplaced my pants now too any one seen them ?

Total credit 90,027.53
Recent average credit 445.10

ohhhh and Juggy im comeing for you :slight_smile:

See this thread.


ohhh well then lol .

be worth it stop the yaping but couldnt u have waited a week till i stomped you ? LOL

:eek: a nearly naked bloke alert !!!

Top crunching Steve :thumbsup:


Nice one! :nod:

I could have but it wouldn’t have been half as much fun for me though;)

Congratts of the milestone BTW:thumbsup:

What’s the matter, you run out of juice?:chuckle:

Congrats on the near nakedness Steve!!

Oh and Juggy, the SETI RAC is looking great :thumbsup:
We should actually start seeing noticable gains on the Examiners!