Deep Impact a success!

Finally some good news from a recent space experiment!

Anyone else have their name on the disc?


XMM-Newton detects water on Tempel 1

Water on a comet :eek:

Sir Ulli

I find this ‘comet shot’ as compelling as the origional moonshot. The navigational
skills alone are really impressive. What surprised me were the old impact craters.
For something billions of years old - so few, despite a reslution of ‘several metre’s’.

My favorite quote (from memoryish) is " We aimed to be a gnat on the windscreen
We went through it…"

Water on a comet, Sir Ulli? (thinks)…On one hand, we’re used to hearing that.
On t’other hand… chicken or egg? Did water form as a random process in the
begining of things? Are all comets ‘dirty snowball’ (water-based) Or did the water
come from a planetry formation and find itself in comets.

scrambles my (water based) grey matter just thinking about it :slight_smile: