Dell buys Alienware

Well, the title says it all, if you want to read more there’s the following links. I haven’t found any mention of this on Dell or Alienware sites but I’ve not looked hard.

Alienware is going to be run as an independant division but hopefully they can cash in on Dell’s buying power and get their prices a bit more affordable. Also this might be the nearest thing you’ll get to a Dell using AMD processors in a while.

Amen to that, briefly looked at their site for my upcoming rig change but for a lesser spec than I want to build they wanted £1200 more - pretty much double - no thanks.

they are well overpriced…you pay for looks, but they do look good !!

The only issue I have with them is their UK site offerings pale compared to the US ones. Putting aside the cost difference, the UK one doesn’t offer as many high end options. Kinda thought about an insane gaming laptop in the past but they didn’t even offer it here… one with dual hard disks could have replaced my desktop.