Diesel Racing cars

Now I’ve never been a fan of Diesel cars mainly due to having an absolute slug as a first diesel.
In 1988 for about three weeks Ford decided to manufacture a 1.6 Diesel Escort WITHOUT a turbo and my ever thrifty employer decided to snap one up with a huge discount so I could enjoy the benefits of 50Mpg or more.


Well last Saturday I had a bit of therapy to try and cure this aversion.
Standing in the sun, beer in hand with around 235,000 like minded individuals I watched Audi hum their way to victory at Le Mans.

I say “hum” because in comparison to the other cars with their famously loud exhausts the Audis were deceptively silent. A bit like hearing a Brittany Ferry cruise past at 160Mph. Difficult to imagine but the best analogy I could come up with.

Then of course there was the Chevy Corvette which apparently boiled its gearbox fluid under the harsh conditions. This is a design fault for Chevrolet gearboxes from 1981 onwards according to my field research in Morocco.

All that remains to be developed for diesel to take off is a method of refuelling without getting the damned stuff on your hands and something to stop it sounding like a bag of nails on tickover.

But none the less, well done Audi.

It was also refreshing given the steady decline of car manufacturing in Britain to see some many Union flags above the pit lane doors.