Digi do Rosetta (also have a look Neil)

It sure looks like it atm.

Question- If we do deciede to do Rosetta, may I move over the account I have here to digi ? I am only asking because it is so much easier.

Neil - Bearing in mind I crunched some of them in memory of your Dad… is it o.k to do so ?

I just figured I would if no one minds, if you would even rather they stay I will of course set up a new account :slight_smile:

units are all good for the science, where they are doesnt matter if they were done in the memory of someone, the tpr way has always been if there done there free to come and leave as they will, its the science that should come first
just my 2p

You can move over no problems in my eyes.

Nice to have you here, but nice to have some competition as well :wink:

And BOINC allows account to be moved easy as pie…goto account page, leave TPR :cry: and select the Digi Team and join it (or set it up…)

TBH I didn’t think you would mind, but I will wait on Neil, can’t believe a post has been up on it this long and he aint replied :wink:

I generaly would set up another account but that means another email addy etc :wink: me lazy :wink:

At digi we say “If you can’t beat them… get as close as possible and throw wet haddock at them” :wink:

:lol: echo the above mate :slight_smile:

was nice to have ya here :wink:

There’s no need.

I believe Boinc can accpet multiple usernames etc…well it used to…IIRC that was before the email and password option…

cool will give it a try, I would rather leave them here

Also in boinc i think the units stay where you crunched them even if you move the acounts, but not entirely sure.

nope wont let me have another account on that email

Ah that was the old system then…

I thought this aswell :confused:

Thanks Neil :slight_smile: Just wanted to be sure :slight_smile:

looks like they do :cool: couldn’t be sure till i tried it :slight_smile:

Whichever, nice to have a project to taunt the digi bhoyz at again :wink:

Let the taunting commence! :moon:

Kinda feels like starwars :wink:

Taunt Taunt :wink: :wink:

I know, BAD


:chuckle: one account DoubleTop-Digi has joined them :lol: