Dinner on the Train

The Bournemouth Belle was a set of top notch pullman dining cariages that used to run from Bournemouth to Waterloo from the 1930 through 1960s. They are now owned by the Swanage (Steam) Railway and are run on Saturday evenings for dining.

I was expecting the experience to be a bit sad with a crew of greasy haired traindrivergeeks doing their best to serve up some microwave meal or other but no -

The carriages have been dressed very nicely, tables laid properly and food very good. Drinks in the bar carriage on arrival (no draught) then off to the table which, for a train, had some very comfortable seats. We had Advocado Waldorf starter, Game & Ale pie main (with good veg), Selection from the sweet trolley, followed by the cheeseboard, coffee and Liqouer. All washed down with a bottle of Aus Pinotage.
On the train at 7:15, depart 7:30 and return to the station at 10:30.

Not for the kids this one, its supposed to be a bit romantic/nostalgic. All in all a pleasant evening with a bit of steam train shunting action to boot. and ‘aahhh’ that steamy oily coal tar smell :slight_smile:

pics from Swanage Railway website

Looks lovely Balrog :agree: Hope you had a lovely time :slight_smile:

Very nice it looks too. I prefer steam trains over diesel. It’s a different sensation, different smells, different feel. Excellent!

you had pie… woot!

awwww that sounds lovely hope you had a good time it sounds really romantic no doubt if andy seen this b4 me he would tell me not to look at this post :wink:

It sure beats the horrid sandwiches you get on the virgin train from glasgow to london :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive been on a steam engine once.
It was thommas the tank engine to be more exact when i was three.
there was a fat controller and everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Re-live the experience :smiley: Come down to the Swanage railway at Christmas time and you’ll get to see Santa on his own special train pulled by their tank engine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Been to that one a few times, going to try the “Real Ale” train this year :smiley:


Sounds good but :confused: with the basic equation -> Moving train + cask of real ale = muddy beer

teehee, the train is in the station for a while before it sets off is it not :chuckle: If I get there early :sneaky: There are comments on the site about cloudy ale, I say for the ride and the experience, put up with it :lol:


that looks lovely, we went on the steam train at disney world in florida does that count rofl… :slight_smile:

You want to experience travelling behind a Class 40… V16 with quad turbos built at the end of the 50s by English Electric… 2000HP of grat british engineering… That engine continued being developed into the 80s

Or an English Electric Class 55 Deltic… Power by the “Delta” engines developed for Torpedo Boats :smiley:

Examples of both classes luckily saved from the scrap yards and have been returned to mainline running again…

I retired from being a “basher” many years ago… but still follow the preserved diesels…

A “Basher” is not a platform end trainspotter… it is someone who goes out to ride behind the locos.

As for “kettles”… don’t get me going!!!

That looks like a good bit of fun, Balrog. My wife and I took a dinner train while on our honeymoon. They did a dinner mystery theater that was a bit entertaining, and the food was really well done. They have a Christmas train that I’ve heard is great fun as well.