Dir list?

I have a dir with x amount of files in it how, using the cmd line can I do a list of these files and output to a txt file?


dir > file.txt


should be

something like…

dir > \myfile.doc

Darn beaten by DT again :chuckle:

Nice one DT, just the jobbie :thumbsup:


Edit: thanks Paul :slight_smile:

Have a play with the dir /? for different outputs, I find that dir /B >file.txt is most usefull for numerous things.


just had a play /B gives me exactly the output needed, Thanks DT :slight_smile:


dir . /b /s > filename.txt is what I use in work :slight_smile:

I wrote a Visual Basic Script that generates a CSV file that can be read by EXCEL. Once in EXCEL, you can sort by individual columns… Path, Size, Name, etc.

If anybody is interested, I can get it to you.

Thanks for the input guys :thumbsup:

the dir /B sorted me out, was only to list the xyz files in a dir so I could send the list to Larry over at EM3 so he could update his protien list :slight_smile: