Direct Response?..

Just recieved a phone call…

Hi, is that Mr *****? This is Direct Response… lots of mumbling just checking to see you were around some more mumbling, cya. hangs up

5 minutes later, called again (answered by my Mother this time)

Hi, Mrs ******? mumbling Direct Response is a security company, mumbling like a free alarm? hangs up

I have difficulty believing that guy is really employed in any sort of call centre, not to mention we’re registered with that service to stop advertising phone calls. I’m doubtful whether it was a real phone call or whether someone was trying to check if we were in the house (in which case the second phone call would make little sense). I didn’t manage to get a word in to even find out the guys name when he spoke to me, but seriously, what on earth!

There was a show on TV where ex-thieves break into your supposedly secure house, and then tell you how to prevent that from happening. One of the things they mentioned was not having your name on your mailbox. If they have your address (because they may have scoped out your house), all they need is your name to find you in the phone book and call you to see if you are home. Is your name on your mailbox? Sounds suspicious to me. You might give the police a call and ask if this sort of phone call is something that has been reported before.

Could be a wrong number, did you 1471 it ?

If it happens again call the operator and ask them to trace the last call as a suspicious caller. They can trace even witheld numbers in the UK and pass them to the police.

They had the correct surname, and the number was withheld… no name on the mailbox either :p.
What’s the number to call the operator? Too late now, but if they call again…


They can probably still trace it, Police have access to billing records. Everybody gets billed for calls so they can search those to find out who called you.

My guess is that it’s a genuine “tele-sales” operation, and the guy on the other end is a new starter …

… probably a poor student ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) that failed the interview for Macdonalds :smiley:

me runs away


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They called again this evening, apparently we’re due for a free alarm again… hmm!

Oh I actually listened to the whole thing this time, I have their phone number… and installation is a ‘measly £300’ for a system that ‘would usually cost £1500 + £600 fitting’ - apparently ;).

There are a couple of other things you can try.

Google or (or whatever) the company name, and see if the number is there.

Google the phone number. But you might have to experiment (with google) any spaces in the phone number until you get a result.

The problem is that lots of companies sell contact lists to other companies. Unless you tick the “the hell you will” box.

And in GB, ensure the Electoral Roll ‘do not share’ box is ticked.

@Mulda - that top one is coming up with 404 not found :slight_smile:

Take out the “inicio.asp” bit and it works

What do you expect after 18 months :wink:

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thank you. its nice to be appreciated :wink:

To put some of your fears at rest. I have a Direct Response Burglar Alarm, have had it for 6 years, they come out free every 6 months and its always worked well. Had to replace the door thing once when i knocked it off, wasnt a lot. They seen a good company.


Now if I can just find the keys to the Tardis I’ll pop back to 2006 and try to calm things down a bit.

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