Direct Response?..

Omg, my past has come to haunt me. I’ve just found use to being a TPR thread-stopper.

My mob has this theory. Nick owt from my pad, you’ll have to nick me. Brrrrring it on (chuckle!)

please remove my account

chizzachong out

There you go!

Direct Response Security as recommended by a ChizzaChong

Its not like anybody said they were selling rubbish security systems just that thy were doing a good impression of a potential burglar pretending to be a cold caller.

Just a bit of poor customer service really

I googled as you suggested ‘ChizzaChong’,

Link 6 -
Link 7 -

I believe I was correct to be suspicious. :slight_smile:

So not all robbers wear stripey jumpers and have a bag marked SWAG.


Guess I wont be calling Direct Response Security after all.
Especially after finding out they bill you £3,000 per year after describing the system as free.

all cool. Tatooine seems to be still full of troopers…

Nope, just people that say what they think and don’t tend to be very trusting :nod:

not easily led either :smiley:

War weary savvy troopers that have seen con artists and scammers galore - very few gullible youngsters on these boards .

Human nature being what it is - makes it difficult for me to believe that any “customer” would spend any time and effort to defend a product or company unless there was some incentive to do so - perhaps a “Free System” ??

I admire your honesty. Hell, I like you. You can come over to my house and fool my sister.

Damn, the auto-censor has messed up my full metal jacket quote.


[QUOTE=MrTFWitt;444401]Damn, the auto-censor has messed up my full metal jacket quote.


I know a way around that, for free but it costs £3000 per annum in service fees

s’funny how this thread had almost faded into obscurity :smiley:

Its sad that Google will show no mercy and index this thread and the one in the galactic senate too :cool:

Only if people keep replying to it.

Even then it only matters if people are looking for Direct Response Security

Having seven unique respondant helps it remain prominent too.
If anybody else has an opinion on Direct Response Security and would like to share it with us in this thread that would be good.


Gotta know, Mr TFWitt Sir. Is that rebel piccy a newt, or a salamander…?

interesting to see mr chizzachong has removed his original post :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Its an axolotl, a salamander that never grows up.

As for Chizzachong editing his posts, the original text is cached and indexed already by the 'bots that scour the net so it will still be out there, as it was in the very first posting :chuckle:

Are you running DC by any chance ? Docking is where its at atm :slight_smile: :trophy:

:lol: your a little late to the party Placid, I really can’t see Mr Chizzachong being into DC :chuckle: