Disney is rammed

Been here for a week now and its absolutely mental!!

Very busy and absolutely baking hot

And here was me thinking Mickey’s place had been ram raided :wink:

Watch out for Chip and Dale, they’re chekey buggers they tickle;)

They will be after SpeedyJ in that gimp suit! :lol:

Christ its cold back here in England:(

Me and the girls

And no, Megan is not sticking her fingers up

My little angels

Where’s the gimp suit Speedy? :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t know how I imagined you, but you don’t look like how I imagined anyway :lol:

Are your girls twins?

They pics are great and i did think she was sticking the fingers up at the camera lol

you dont look like how i imagined you at all not a bit of custard in site :eek:

I was expecting the honey monster :stuck_out_tongue:

I know its a shock but I’m actually quite a looker :smiley:

I just cannot believe that I’ve received no abuse after that comment:D

Think we’re all just a bit stunned :smiley:

Its a fantastic place isn’t is :slight_smile:

Any excuse… my boy with my favourate character from Disney

note… i say mine :lol:

It is an amazing place, its all so well done. The girls had a fantastic time, they where like a couple of hamsters on steroids:D

Would be nice to go deffo looks worth it :slight_smile:

Portrait ???

Have they both been to welding classes ?

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


I thought they looked like welding goggles also m8:) some of the 3D shows are really very good indeed.