DIY is fun

Went to put up a cupboard in the kitchen yesterday, since it was on a tiled wall I did all the preparation.

Matching size Rawlplugs for the chosen screws
7mm Tile drill to cleanly cut through the tiles
Safety goggles as the tile cutter chucks stuff in all directions

Hold drill firmly against the tile
Squeeze the button

Discover the drill is still on Hammer Action

At least it wont show until the cupboard comes down :rolleyes:

ROFLMAO :haha: :haha:

oh I know I shouldn’t … but we’ve all done similar things :wink:

you’ve started my day off nicely MrTFW … coffee on the monitor already :thumbsup: :lol:

:lol: oh dear TF :chuckle: One of those days I guess :slight_smile:

Always good to start the say with a laugh :smiley:

:haha: Measure twice, cut once.

oof! :haha:

Balrog… You DIY slacker! You have a cheek to take the micky out of others DIY efforts :smiley:

Ah well if it were me it would be measure 10 times, go shopping, come back with nothing, sit down and browse the forums - cut never. :smiley: